Journey on the Batik Road - Java


     Pekalongan, 1930s
      Head and shoulder cover kudhung
      Cotton, natural dyes; batik tulis and cap
      84.5 X 205.0 cm

On 18 June 2011 we started our journey on the Batik Road, following the north coast of Java.  Our journey began in Jakarta and ended in Solo and Yogya before we drove onto Ubud in beautiful Bali.  

In coming Blogs I will take you on this journey and discuss: the batik workshops we visited and the batik artists we meet;  buying old and new batik for your collection; batik museums that must not be missed when you get the chance to travel the Batik Road; the hotels and restaurants we enjoyed along the way; the travel argent and driver who not only made it possible but highly successful and enjoyable; the outstanding tailor in Ubud who will make-up your fabric you have purchased along the way; the drivers in Bali you can trust; etc. 

The art work above comes from Pekalongan which is one of the towns we visited and it is known to all in Indonesia as Batik City.

The method of production of the above cloth is known as batik kombinasi, as it combined a hand-drawn design (batik tulis) with a stamped one (batik cap).  It was worn as a head and shoulder cover by Muslim women in Sumatra.

I look forward to starting the journey with you in my next Blog, see you then.


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