The Pasisir Batik Road- a detour to Bogor Botanic Garden and Cibodas Botanic Garden

Entry to the Tree Fern Forest at Cibodas Botanic Garden.  These very beautiful plants can grow up to 10 to 15 meters on a thick trunk, with huge, lacy green fronds emerging from the top (Photo by Anne Burgess). 

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Before travelling onto the batik workshops of Cirebon it is essential to take a small detour and immerse yourself in the splendor of Bogor Botanic Garden and Cibodas Botanic Garden.  The 87 hectare site is located in the heart of Bogor, about 60 km southeast of Jakarta.  The vivid range of colours found in the flowers and foliage of the enormous variety of tropical plants can also be seen in many of the batiks from the Pasisir.  While Bogor has plants from all over the world, Cibodas is notable in having a spectacular collection of plants found in cool, high altitude environments.

Cibodas is reached by taking the Bogor - Bandung Highway.  This journey takes you over the spectacular scenery of the 1500 meter high Puncak Pass.  Cibodas is the next village over the Pass.  The gardens are spread over the lower slopes of Gunung Gede and Gunung Pangrango.  The gardens are extremely lush as this is one of Java's wettest areas.  The Tree Fern forest is sensational to stroll through, don't miss it.   

The water lily, Nymphaea lotus, from Egypt, comes in two colours, rosy pink and white.

The largest water lily in the world, Victoria amazonica, named after Queen Victoria of England, is from the Brazilian Amazon.  It has leaves that are at least 2  meters in diameter, turned up at the edges and covered with sharp spines on the underside.  The protruding ribs that give stability to the leaf supposedly inspired the glasshouse designs of Joseph Paxton at Kew.  The fragrant flowers are white when they open at dusk and reddish-pink when they close in the morning.


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