Thursday, September 17, 2009

Batik of Java: poetics and politics

UNESCO has recognised Javanese batik as an item of
Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity- what wonderful news this is.

To celebrate this recognition, the Caloundra and Noosa Regional Art Galleries, Queensland, Australia, in 2010 will present an exhibition,
Batik of Java: poetics and politics, that explores the links between a selection of batik from the North Coast of Java and paintings from
Dadang Christano's 2008 Brisbane exhibition, Batik Has Been Burnt. The batik will come from my and my partner's private collection and Dadang's work is represented by Jan Manton Art, Brisbane.

The curator of the exhibition is Dr Maria Friend, an internationally respected specialist on Indonesian textiles.

I will keep you posted.


  1. Istajib ajib :
    Look like your collectition really
    very selecting.
    Would you put another else you have
    such as : Batik pekalongan wich be
    designed by Oe soe coen etc.

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